Webcam chat hosts Top 10 Countries

Have you ever wondered where the majority of webcam chat hosts are located?

Data shows that 10 countries dominate the online chat industry, these top 10 countries host 466,656 out of 528,223 webcam chat accounts, which is almost 90% of all live chat. The top five countries account for 80% of webcam chat accounts.

So which countries are the global leaders in online chat?

Colombia, Romania, Russia, United States, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Venezuela and Poland make the Top 10

88.34% of registered webcam chat hosts accounts are from those 10 countries.

The top 10 countries have 466,656 out of 528,223 registered accounts, this is the 88.34% of the accounts around the world.

Colombia, Romania, Russia, United States and Philippines make the top 5 and they have 76.93% of the accounts respectively.

By far the biggest source of webcam chat hosts is Colombia, which has 143,710 registered chat hosts. Interestingly, the split between male and female online chat hosts in Colombia is near to 1/2, with 96,071 women and 43,344 men.

In the two other countries in the top three, Romania and Russia, online chat is dominated by female chat hosts.
In Russia, the gender divide is particularly notable, with just 14,618 men compared to 80,498 women acting as webcam chat hosts.

One country that bucks the female-dominant trend in online chat is the Philippines, where men outnumber women almost two to one in online chat. This nation also has five times as many LBGTI chat hosts as the United States, despite having fewer live chat hosts overall.

Other countries in the top 10 webcam chat hosts list are Ukraine, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

143,710 webcam chat hosts
Women: 96,071
Men: 43,344
LGBTI: 4,295
112,897 webcam chat hosts
Women: 82,314
Men: 26,893
LGBTI: 3,690
98,313 webcam chat hosts
Women: 80,498
Men: 14,618
LGBTI: 3,197
28,759 webcam chat hosts
Women: 18,090
Men: 10,125
LGBTI: 544
22,670 webcam chat hosts
Men: 13,735
Women: 6,448
LGBTI: 2,487
21,350 webcam chat hosts
Women: 19,116
Men: 2,172
17,015 webcam chat hosts
Women: 14,121
Men: 2,877
8,429 webcam chat hosts
Women: 6,478
Men: 1,525
LGBTI: 426
7,028 webcam chat hosts
Women: 4,685
Men: 2,342
6,485 webcam chat hosts
Women: 6,170
Men: 248

camCensus data reveals vital information about the state of live online chat around the world. Currently, a handful of countries dominate the industry, but this could change as more nations come online and people learn about the opportunities offered by online chat.

There is already some evidence that Colombia could be about to lose its status as the world leader in online chat. Romania currently has the most monthly active webcam chat hosts, with Russia a close second. Increased activity in Eastern Europe and Russia could mean that these countries soon begin to dominate live chat online.

While women have long dominated webcam chat, men and LGBTI hosts are quickly gaining ground. camCensus data shows that men make up almost a quarter of all monthly active chat host accounts.

In addition to data on gender, CamCensus also gathers data on the ages of chat hosts. This data shows that the 18 to 25 age group are most dominant in online chat, making up roughly two thirds of the total population of active webcam chat hosts.

camCensus data shows that one thing is clear: webcam chat is growing in popularity around the world. This trend shows no signs of stopping. Both now and in the future, people are likely to continue to use webcam chat as a safe and accessible form of entertainment.