Monthly average active webcam chat hosts Top 10 Countries

Ten countries dominate online webcam chat. See which are the most active in live chat each month.

Around the world there are almost half a million webcam chat hosts. However, only 7,257 online chat hosts are active every month on average. Out of these active hosts, an average of 5,707 each month are located in the top 10 most active countries.

When it comes to the nations that are most active each month in webcam chat, ten countries are overwhelmingly dominant. These top 10 countries account for 78.64% of active webcam chat host accounts.
Within the top 10 countries, the top three nations are much more active in live chat than any other countries. These top three countries are Romania, Russia, and Colombia.

One thing to note is that although Columbia is the country with the most webcam chat hosts, it comes only third on the list of most active webcam chat host accounts. In average, each month, Romania and Russia have more active live chat hosts. This data reflects the growing popularity of online chat in these countries.

78.64% of active webcam chathosts accounts are from 10 countries.

Every month the average number of webcam chat hosts that are active is 7,257, this is the 1.37% of the registered chathost accounts around the world.

The top 10 countries have at average 5,707 out of 7,257 active webcam chat hosts on a montly basis, this represents the 78.64% of all of the active accounts around the world per month.

Colombia, Romania, Russia, Philippines and Ukraine are in the top 5 and they have respectively 69.77% of the active webcam accounts.
note: Due to rounding, totals may not correspond with the sum of the separate numbers.

With roughly 1,000 monthly active chat hosts each, the Philippines and Ukraine are also big players in the online chat industry. Interestingly, the demographics of chat hosts in these countries are very different. While active webcam chat hosts in Ukraine are overwhelmingly female, in the Philippines men make up the majority of active hosts each month.

In all nations in the top 10 list other than the Philippines, women outnumber men in active live chat accounts. LBGTI accounts make up a small but significant minority of chat hosts in the most active live chat countries around the world.

The remaining five countries in the top 10 list of highest monthly average number of webcam chat hosts are the United States, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. With only a few hundred active monthly webcam chat hosts each, these countries are much less active than the top five nations. However, they still make a significant contribution to the global online chat industry.

1,597 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 1,597
1,537 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 1,537
1,259 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 1,259
396 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 396
274 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 274
232 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 232
130 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 130
100 active webcam chathosts
LGBTI: 100
99 active webcam chathosts
83 active webcam chathosts

camCensus data on active webcam chat hosts in each nation shows trends in the popularity of live chat around the world. It is important to track where live chat accounts are most active in order to understand how the online chat industry is developing on a global scale.