A few words about camCensus

camCensus is an informational resource that provides significant demographic data and metrics on webcam chat hosts. camCensus acquires and analyzes publicly available information from webcam chat sites. The data is mostly collected from census data and is assembled into a comprehensive and insightful picture of the population of webcam chat hosts. The published data can be found on the camCensus site, with visually enhanced charts and infographics, making the information easier to read and understand.

camCensus as a statistical system compiles the numerical profiles of webcam chat host communities per country. We provide detailed information on their principal demographic characteristics including the age and gender structure of their population. This data allows users to better understand the current conditions of the webcam chat hosts communities around the world.

Users can find data on the top ten countries in the world with webcam chat host accounts. The top ten countries currently account for over 90% of the webcam chat hosts accounts around the world. As well, users can specifically see data for all the countries using chat hosts around the world. To date, there are 432,165 webcam chat hosts accounts from 219 countries. camCensus allows you to scroll over a virtual map to locate a country and immediately see their webcam chat host statistics.

As well, users can see active statistics around the world on which demographics are using webcam chat hosts. Women, in the age group of 18-25, constitute the largest proportion of webcam chat host accounts, accounting for almost 75%. camCensus even provides a breakdown of LGBTI webcam chat host users.

camCensus data can provide users with a broader picture of webcam chat host communities. Users can then use this data to identify trends and patterns within communities. Identifying trends in webcam chatting will allow you to stay relevant and important in the webcam chat and online chat industries.

camCensus takes privacy very seriously, and only keeps information of a user's server's access log files for a period of seven days. This allows us to improve website performance, track errors and identify malicious behaviors. For more information, review the camCensus Privacy Policy at https://www.camcensus.com/privacy-policy.html.

If you wish to contact us in regards to our information, or the website, visit our contact page at https://www.camcensus.com/contact-us.html.